In our upcoming global event, let’s share some of our learnings and celebrate the journey we’ve embarked on together with you; the Bridge 47 Network.  

By reconnecting for three days in May, we hope to challenge the “old ways of doing things” and to dream of brighter futures. We look forward to new inspiration and input from passionate people who wish to learn and exchange together with us. 


Education is key to changing the world, but a sustainable and just world can only be achieved through a vision of life-long and life-wide education that inspires hearts and minds! If we want to see positive changes in our societies, then we need to find new and unique opportunities to share and learn from each other. The Bridge 47 network helps to make that happen.

The Bridge 47 Network brings inspiring and inspired people together from all over the world and opens opportunities for them to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices. It is made up of representatives from civil society organizations and NGOs, researchers, policy makers, activists, business people and educators. Through the network, people from these different areas can find common ground and exchange knowledge.


The Bridge 47 Network seeks to create the enabling conditions for citizens to assume active roles in shaping the world, as active global citizens. This requires working together, and bringing new audiences on board, as sustainable change can only come about through collaboration. 


The Bridge 47 Network brings together diverse professionals and enthusiasts around the world who work with transformative learning and SDG Target 4.7.

The Bridge 47 project has offered spaces to critically reflect on the many roles we exercise on the planet. Members have come together to exchange on how to better support citizens of all ages to act for change.  

Coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds, what unites us is a passion for transformative learning for more sustainable and socially just tomorrows.  Through transformative learning, people can shape the world as active, global citizens and create enabling conditions for brighter futures to emerge.